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Josep Prat Sorolla
Film & Graphics

Music by: DiscoRazor


Cubbish - Think Higher
Supercomputer - Balter
Orax - Dreaming
Hunter Craig
M83 - Intro ( finalist)
Procés Constituent
Javiera Mena - Espada (Graphics & Compositions)
Breakbot - You Should Know (Concept Art)
Nicolau Roset

Berta O. Peig and I have directed this music video for M83’s ‘Intro’ for the contest. We are glad to announce that our video is finalist and it has been nominated to Awards 2013.

Recently I’ve been working as concept artist for Breakbot’s new video, You Should Know, produced by CANADA and directed by Gerson Aguerri.

Logo design and artwork for  Fes-te la Fresca! summer parties. After  making the logo graphic treatment, I decided to turn it into a little animation, simulating 80s TV/movie intros.